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scarlette_rudie's Journal

15 February
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This is me. it's nothing special. time isn't endless and waiting is extracurricular. I want to marry David Bowie...if that's hunky dory with him. I like green and brown, and macaroni and cheese.
adicts, afi, against all authority, alice in chains, all, all american rejects, all music, anti flag, bad brains, bad manners, bad religion, blink 182, bouncing souls, boys night out, buck-o-nine, burning spear, buzzcocks, catch-22, cheap suits, cheapshot, cheapsuits, checkers, cherry poppin daddies, choking victim, chucks, coheed & cambria, crass, dance hall crashers, dancehall crashers, dane cook, david bowie, dayglo abortions, death cab for cutie, desmond dekker, dreadlocks, dropkick murphys, eclectics, envy for plaid, eyedea and abilities, fat wreck chords, five across the eye, fun boy 3, gob, grandskam, hemp, hepcats, jersey, johnny depp, leftover crack, less than jake, lets go bowling, mad caddies, mdc, millencolin, misfits, mugshot, mxpx, my friends, no cash, nofx, operation ivy, opm, ozzy, peter tosh, pietasters, pirates, rancid, reel big fish, return for refund, riot 99, rooney, rude boy train, rude boys, rude girls, ruder than you, rudies, sage francis, save ferris, say anything, senses fail, ska, ska kids, skankin pickle, skanking, skanking the night away, skarface, skatala, skatalites, skavoovie and the epitones, skunk recods, subb, sublime, suburban underdog, the aquabats, the ataris, the beat, the beatles, the bleeders, the casuals, the cheapskates, the clash, the cramps, the descendants, the donnas, the donuts, the downbelows, the flatliners, the gadjits, the get up kids, the halftones, the heatskores, the kiltlifters, the kingpins, the mighty mighty bosstones, the postal service, the pylons, the ramones, the rude boys, the rudiments, the scofflaws, the selecter, the sex pistols, the shuttlecocks, the slackers, the specials, the throwaways, the used, the vandals, the voodoo glow skulls, thursday, tiger army, toots and the maytals, transplants, velvet underground, voo doo glow skulls, weakerthans, white oleander, yeah yeah yeahs, ziggy marley